What Matters Most – Leonard Sweet

“How we got the point but missed the person”

I’ve always enjoyed Len Sweet’s writing and this 200 page book is as thought provoking and academically sharp as they come. Perhaps my age (43) helps me to connect with many of his illustrations. New Coke and the rise of the personal computer are two I recall from this text.

My only critique of Len’s work is, it doesn’t know when to stop. This book for instance boasts “Bonus online content available!”, it also contains, questions for personal conversation and shared conversation. Neither of which I paid any attention to. His writing is thorough and thought provoking enough on it’s own. Just please, know when to push away from the table. This book was previously released under the title ‘Out Of The Question… Into the mystery’. So you may want to scan your library before picking it up.

Finally let me praise this work. Dr. Sweet expertly divides life into eight key relationships (faith, God, God’s story, believers, non-believers, God’s creation, things and the spiritual world). He then takes you on a journey exploring each of these for personal connection and fullness of life.

As a Pastor I trend more to understanding the importance of relationship with God and His story along with the spiritual world. The balance displayed in his chapters on creation and “things” provided wonderful insight in growing my personal perspective.

For those desiring to be intellectually challenged along life’s journey, this book is for you. How reading a book pushes you to grow in personal relationships, I have no idea. But it does.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost in exchange for this review.

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