A Taste of Gods Mercy (from June 18, 2009)

Recently my wife put together a suprise birthday party for me. It was awesome, great food and friends, tasty sugary cake and great activities with people we love(Golf and Fishing). Along with the party I got some Starbucks gift cards. The perfect gift! Now Dave Ramsey will not prevent me from savoring the rich and creamy coffee of Starbucks (yes, we are experiencing ‘financial peace university’). So this afternoon I finally got to Starbucks to use a brand new gift card. A card that was given to me as a gift. Did you know the only thing better than Starbucks coffee is ‘free’ Starbucks coffee? As I drove around to the window I had the shiny new gift card ready to hand over.

Then I saw one of my good friends at the window. I handed over my card and got my coffee. We chatted for a moment and then my friend returned my new card to me. All my friend did was hold my card for a moment. I started to say something but my friend motioned me forward. It was time to go and my free gift card had not been reduced in any way.

Hebrews 10:14 says this “Because by one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy”

It occurred to me today that Jesus is like my friend who gave me the gift card and my friend at the window. First Jesus gave His life to pay for my sins and He gave me the ‘deposit’ (Eph. 1:13-14) of the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. This was the free gift I recieved at salvation. But this wasn’t all He had to give. Next like my friend at the window, Jesus also went to create a place for us to go he picked up His life and now waits for us to come to Him. When we arrive He won’t take the Holy Spirit away from us, rather He will wave us in and welcome us home. Double mercy, twice the grace! Something great in this life and in the next. Gifts that don’t wear out…. it’s amazing. I think this is why Jesus said “I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them.” (Jn 17:13). He said this because He knew the gift He was giving us AND that He would be looking forward to seeing us at the window and not charging our gift card!

Thank you Daynadee and friends for a great 40th celebration. But thank you even more Jesus for the gift of greater grace through Jesus than we can ever imagine and marble mocha machiattos!

No one forgives and restores like our God does.

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