Close Enough to Hear God Breathe Greg Paul

Sharing intimate moments with others requires two things: being close to them and being quiet. This is the central thesis to this thought provoking and richly personal book. Through a mix of Bible exposition, and personal stories, Greg Paul drew me into his thinking. His longing for deep family relationships and closeness to God are made plain in this work.

I enjoyed both the read and the structure of this book. Greg’s takeoff and landing share a private moment with the reader. Thus the prologue and epilogue bind the fifteen chapters together as verses in a poem. The fifteen chapters are split into five parts: each highlights a wonderful act on the great stage of time. Heart, Creation, Fall, Redemption and Consummation all moved past me as I read with increasing interest in the stories Greg tells.

From a family living to honor loved ones passed to the joy of building a home with your son. Greg holds little in reserve. I felt as if I was watching a passion play unfold as I turned each page. This book was “not merely an academic exercise or a dogmatic wrangle.” but rather the outpouring of a man’s journey to seek after the presence and blessing of his creator.

In this work I was reminded of my frailty as a Husband, Father, Son and Pastor. I was reminded to stop, be quiet and listen to God (from the title I saw this coming). I was stunned however when I realized the true message of this book. It is very powerful and I do not want you to miss it.

We often interpret God’s silence as Him not caring about us. As a loving Father, He is quiet so He can hear us breathe. In His silence God is intent on being very close and very intimate with us. What a wonderful observation and one I won’t soon forget.

“And I wonder, at the end of this interminable night, as I am finally able to hear the sound of God breathing-is my head on His chest, or His head on mine?”

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