The Jesus We Missed Patrick Henry Reardon

This twelve chapter, two hundred page paperback has been one of my favorite books to read and reflect on during my morning cup of coffee. I love to consider the person and mission of Jesus early and often each day and Patrick Reardon provides a biblically thorough and insightful rumination on the wonder of the incarnation.

The first four chapters center on Jesus’ life prior to the confrontation in His home town. Chapter 5 focuses on the event in Nazareth and the following chapters deal with later aspects of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The writing is academically strong, challengingly reflective and deeply personal for those who love to continually focus on Jesus.

There were two chapters I found myself enthralled with. Chapter 6: “Learning and Teaching” and Chapter 12: “Risen in the Flesh”. As a Husband, Father, Pastor and Teacher I am constantly seeking to grow, mature and learn. To reflect on Jesus’ development and growth as shown in the Gospels was inspiring. To both grow under Jesus’ teaching as I teach and to follow Him to my own resurrection are powerful thoughts. It is truly a wondrous thing to consider the ongoing life and eternal nature of Jesus in the flesh.

As we approach Easter I highly recommend this book to every believer. We are often quick to soften the tough mission of Jesus by focusing on His ‘God side’. To fully experience the power of His life, ministry, death and resurrection we should invest time considering His humanity as well. It is a powerful thing. To walk close to Jesus means you hear His feet on the ground. Listen for it, read this book.

In exchange for this review I received a free copy of this book from the Thomas Nelson Publishing Group.

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