Chazown – Craig Groeschel

When I first picked up Craig Groeschel’s book Chazown I saw a 235 page paperback and thought, “Let me get comfortable for a nice read.” About forty minutes later I was done and realized this is not a book, or a bible study, but a field manual for those seeking to live a God purposed life.

Craig’s first challenge is to help us find the “sweet spot” in life. The place where our core values, spiritual gifts and past experiences intersect. This is accomplished by page 65. I paused at this point wondering if we were done. Two thirds of the book remained to be read. Hmmm.

This is actually where I began to enjoy each short chapter. They are designed to encourage personal reflection and interaction. Many believers I’ve known over the years can tell you where the sweet spot of their life is, but few have been mentored on how to actually get there and stay in that spot. The fact Craig spends a majority of his time here is refreshing.

The author provides great examples from his own history. He also coaches on five areas of life in which we need to be victorious in order to fully live out our purpose. They are God, Work, People, Health and Finances.

The book closes encouraging community accountability on the journey to our “Chazown” (pronounced khaw-zone) and contains an appendix with a six page, four week study guide for small groups.

This is a perfect resource for new believer small groups and Christians who have been drifting aimlessly through life. I’m not sure The name (Chazown) ‘sells’ it well, but the book is very well done. We all need a direction, purpose and a plan for our lives to be fulfilling. This book can help us get serious about living the John 10:10 abundant life Jesus promised we could have in Him. Just be ready to dive in.

This book was provided free of charge from it’s publisher in exchange for this review.

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