Relentless Pursuit: God’s love of outsiders including the outsider in all of us.

By: Ken Gire

Perhaps I live in a cave, but prior to picking up this unassuming 167 page book with sheep on the cover I had never heard of Ken Gire. After completing the first chapter I was hooked. This author wonderfully weaves his personal journey into a stream of other salvation stories to develop his theme of God’s relentless pursuit of people.

His use of a children’s book “The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Wise and classic poetry Francis Thompson’s “The Hound of Heaven”, drew me in. There were also intriguing questions. What do you do with shame? And how do we view interruptions at work? Great thinkers such as Henri Nouwen and Howard Thurmon are considered in Ken’s thesis. But the author’s greatest moment comes when he examines the life and ministry of Jesus as He became and sought the outsider. There are asides to modern film as well and a powerful quote from ‘The Guardian’ is utilized in the books epilogue, “So others may live.”

It’s one thing to academically, theoretically or theologically speak of reaching out. But this book takes you through a man’s own life as God moved him to the outside. How he got there and what God does on the outside is awesome. As Ken rightly observes, “We are meant to live outside the gate of the city and inside the door of God’s heart.”

I couldn’t recommend a book more. This has been my favorite read of the summer.

A copy of this book was provided by its publisher in exchange for this review.

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