Jesus a Theography – Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola

In a world filled with quick reads and self-help titles, a book named “Jesus” should be at least 300 pages jesustheographyand contain tons of scripture and solid theological insight. This book does.

“Jesus a Theography” went beyond my expectations. I had previously read Dr. Sweet’s “I am a follower” and “what matters most”. I’ve enjoyed his thoughtful style and connective dialogue to modern culture in the past. However, this book seems to be less interested in connecting and stays focused on a deep and honest study of the incarnation of Christ.

I enjoyed soaking in each page during this Christmas season. The sheer wonder of Jesus presence with us can be experienced in the 16 chapters of this book. C.H. Spurgeon, T.S. Eliot, N.T. Wright, G.K. Chesterton, Max Lucado, E. Stanley Jones, Andrew Murray and many other followers of Christ have their words and work seamlessly interwoven into and among countless scripture references.

Those with a love for books and theology, will greatly appreciate this work. I’ll say this plainly; this book is not for people who do not like to read, think, or seek Jesus. My only critique is that it would have been nice to have the in text citations appear at the bottom of each page rather than force me to repeatedly flip to the back of the book to see them.

“We need the whole Jesus. The complete Jesus. Everything He said. Every detail of what He did.” Eugene Peterson (125)

We do, and that’s all this book is about. If you love your Pastor and He loves Jesus, get him a copy of this book for Christmas.

A copy of this book was sent to me at no cost, in exchange for this review.

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