David Platt – The Radical Question / The Radical Idea (two books in one)

This little hardback is listed at 112 pages. It’s really much smaller. This is not two books in one, it’s two booklets in one. I understand publishers need to generate revenue, but a ten dollar price tag seems high. Two booklets at a one to two dollar price point each would be sufficient. With that being said I do believe every pastor, elder, deacon and growing Christian should read those booklets. David Platt’s content is amazing.

20121119-135613.jpgAsking tough questions is what makes leaders, coaches and mentors truly great. Failing to have a critical eye can bring mediocrity and allow us to settle for less in life. With this in mind I believe David Platt to be an exceptional Pastor and man of God. In just a few pages he suggests a radical change in how we view faith, the church and our role as believers in this modern age. He asks a question you will want to answer and the answer will transform you and energize you to grow as a believer.

There are bad radical ideas. David Platt doesn’t offer these: his radical idea inspires in all the right ways. I do not know a believer who doesn’t want to see his/her church be more on track, do more to glorify the Lord and fulfill the great commission more passionately. This is the Kind of idea he shares with us. Believe me, you will be inspired by his ‘Radical Idea’.

These booklets are perfect for the reader and non-reader alike. They are succinct and deeply meaningful. If you are a thinker you will find both a question and an idea in these pages that will grab a hold of you and not let you go, because they call you to abide.

This book was sent to me at no cost in exchange for this review.

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