Empty Promises – Pete Wilson

In the midst of contemplative times I pick up classic books and reread them. Books have always been an encouragement to me. When I received Pete Wilson’s book Empty Promises for review, I thought this 205 page paperback would provide some light reading. After all it was written by some southern guy with crazy hair.

As I began to read I noticed quotes from classic books woven seamlessly into Pete’s engaging dialogue. Authors such as C.S Lewis, Dallas Willard, Erwin McManus, Henri Nouwen and Timothy Keller, are appropriately referenced in what is far from a shallow read. This pastor is a gifted communicator and a qualified counselor. He utilizes the story of Jacob in a powerful way I had never considered before to provide some fantastic Biblical insight. Each of the twelve chapters are 15-20 pages in length and are perfect for daily reading and reflection.

I’d highly recommend this book to pastor’s who are struggling personally or who would like to hand a quality resource to someone who desires to move from driven to dedicated, needy to affirmed, controlling to surrendered, ruled by religion to free in faith, appearance obsessed to truly beautiful and frustrated with the past to trusting for the future. I doubt you could find someone who doesn’t fit one of these categories.

Pete bridges the gap as a fellow ‘wounded healer’. Like an ant lined up on mission with us he doesn’t beat anyone with this book. He uses the Bible to guide and the words of Godly mentors to encourage as we follow our true destiny towards Christ. In the midst of personal contemplation, this book will find its way back to my reading table in the future.

A copy of this book was provided at no cost from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for this review.

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