50 Days of Hope – Lynn Eib

50 days of hope – Daily Inspiration for your Journey Through Cancer.

How do you render critique on a devotional book designed to encourage cancer patients? Well here I go…

Author Lynn Eib weaves stories of hope and inspiration gleaned from meeting many diagnosed with cancer and those in her cancer prayer support group in this book. Her own cancer survival story and insight are also included. All this is done in a truly loving and compassionate way everyone can appreciate.

Each devotion concludes with a scripture and a prayer which is extremely welcome. There is no shaming, blaming or anger represented within the pages of this devotional. A reader will find love, hope, joy and caring within.

There were a couple technical features I disliked. One is the use of green ink throughout. I realize green is calming and a great cover color. But it is not the most enjoyable text color for an entire book. I would have also liked each new devotional to start at the top of a page rather than run together. At times this little book made me feel constricted. Breathing room is relaxing. More so to me than green print.

There are not many good things out there to hand a person who has been given a bad diagnosis but this little devotional is a gem. It would also be useful as a common text for a cancer support small group. It probably won’t sit on my shelf for very long. I will no doubt hand it to someone soon at the hospital or after receiving one of those calls pastors do not like to get. Cancer is never welcome, but encouragement like 50 days of hope is.

A copy of this book was sent to me at no cost by Tyndale House Publishing in exchange for this review.

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