Mondays with My Old Pastor – Jose Luis Navajo

When I picked up this unassuming 200 page paperback I thought it would be your average book on mentoring or pastoral encouragement. I’ve read many of those over the years and I have kept only a couple of them.

I wasn’t sure the world, or my shelves, needed any more. I was wrong, this book is different. It neither claims we need mentoring or asserts the importance of Biblical community. Brother Navajo simply tells us his story and that of his old pastor. Within this narrative a reader will also hear classic tales as told by the Old Pastor. As an avid reader and storyteller, I have to say I loved this book.

Near the end I realized this book has been translated from Spanish and Pastor Navajo is not in America. This demonstrates the power of narrative to embolden us. Every culture and language understands the deep impact of loving friendships. These are two men who deeply care for each other and the mission at hand.

My only regret is that people may see the title and believe this book is for pastors who are struggling. This is a great read worthy of any person who enjoys a great story and needs encouragement.

The frailty of life set against the strength of mission is a powerful mix. Give this book a read and then go out and build a relationship. “Instead of being a man of success, I desire to be a man of value, the rest will come naturally.”

This book was sent to me at no cost by its publisher in exchange for this review.

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